Winning ideas come from the funniest places. For a select roster of corporate leaders, professional communicators and savvy companies, one proven source is the Soundbite Institute, a unique creative think tank founded by speechwriter, humorist and strategist Mark Katz.

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The Soundbite Institute puts into practice a somewhat radical theory: that humor is a specialized form of communication that does its best work when the stakes are high. That candor is a calculated risk that pays off in likability and credibility. And that when expertly executed, the right comic idea can be as Machiavellian as anything Machiavelli might have schemed up.

With an unusual skill set acquired by way of journalism, politics, advertising and television comedy, Mark came into his own as a White House speechwriter who worked directly with President Bill Clinton on his annual speeches to the Washington press corps, more than two dozen in all. Each speech seemed to arrive at a moment of maximum crisis and collectively, they taught Mark how to help people in serious trouble find the right comic ideas to win over the most cynical people on earth.

Under the banner of his Institute, Mark continues to apply this rare skill to the challenges of high-profile people who stand in the spotlight where message and messenger are one in the same. By bringing this brand of smart/funny thinking to the realm of strategic communications, the Soundbite Institute delivers to its clients speeches, multimedia presentations and creative solutions born of ideas that are outside-the-box but within the realm of possibility. The approving laughter that follows is the sound of a message powerful enough to put a crack in even the most hardened opinions. And for anyone who communicates in a high-stakes arena, what could possibly be more serious than that?

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