"Mark Katz, who enjoys more face time with Clinton than some Cabinet secretaries, may go down in history as this administration's Peggy Noonan." --Arianna Huffington, column 4/97

"Mark Katz is seriously funny, and he understands how to get a message across without moving the audience to shoot the messenger." --Jeff Bewkes, CEO, HBO

"Humor writing is hard, and there are never more than seven people who do it well. Mark Katz is one of them." --William Novak, co-editor, The Big Book of New American Humor

"Mark Katz is the absolute best in the world at what he does. Because I can't think of anyone else who does it.’"--Jay Kriegel, Abernathy MacGregor Group

"I know plenty of people who are smart. I know a fair number of people who are funny. When faced with a communication challenge that calls for smart AND funny, I call Mark Katz."
--Lenny Stern, Shepardson Stern + Kaminsky

"Mark Katz is a White House rarity: someone who is funny on purpose. He is a true professional, producing tons of top-quality work on short deadlines for up to four humor dinners each spring. His skill helps the President shine." --Michael Waldman, former White House Director of Speechwriting

"Mark is the Cyrano de Bergerac of the corporate world."--Jon Bond, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners

"Mark's made good on his promise to make my speeches funnier and threw in smarter and tighter for free. With a perfect line or turn of phrase, he has pulled me out of tough spots more times than I care to count - and that's kept him on my speed dial since 1994."
--Stewart Bainum Jr., Chairman, Manor Care, Inc. and Choice Hotels International

"I can admit now that not every funny thing I said at the daily briefings came off the top of my head. The red phone that sat on the corner of my desk connected me directly to the Sound Bite Institute!"
--Mike McCurry, former White House Press Secretary

"Memorable one-liners which use humor to deliver insight and perspective are worth a million bucks. To whom does ABC turn for such wordsmithing? Mark Katz -- and that's our final answer."
-- Ed Dandridge, V.P. Network Communications, ABC

"Every time we're in need of bright, clever and thoughtful wordsmithing, there's only one name which immediately springs to mind - Mark Katz - or is that two names? And only one machine of mirth-making which pops into our consciousness - The Sound Bite Institute."
--Barry Stagg, Sr. V.P., Corporate Communications, Fox Family Worldwide

"Funny, insightful and up-to-the-minute relevant, Mark’s humor is not just as good as it gets, it’s better." --Michael Sheehan, Sheehan & Associates

"Smarter than Dan Quayle. Funnier than Steve Forbes. Taller than Gary Bauer. Crazier than Alan Keyes. Why isn't Mark Katz running for President?" --Paul Begala, MSNBC’s Equal Time

"I can safely say that I have never attributed any humor I have used to Mark Katz or the Sound Bite Institute."
--Theodore C. Sorensen

"OK. You get the idea." --Mark Katz